Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Wal Asr

Time.has taken me into it. Trying not to be the servant of time but somehow rather was drowned in the drain of time.

Let's take some time in our life. To think more about what have we done in our life.





Ok. Done with d thinking . Let's move on with our life.

Whatever it is...just enjoy it!

Monday, October 11, 2010

design your own future

one wise man told that "Your future is in your hand. How hard the works that you have, you suppose to know how/what to design your future. Do not let others stop you from designing your own future".

True enough. Work will not finish even before your death. It'll come and come and come. Never ending story.

So, if we have the chance to design our own future, just do it. Do not let your bosses stop it..


Sunday, April 25, 2010

after 32 years...

25 April 1978 (11.15 a.m)

I was born to En Ismail Mohamad Ramali and Puan Rohani Yusof.
Since then, both of them took a good care of me.
Feed me, cloth me, protect me and educate me.

Thank you Mak and Ayah for your love all this 32 years.
I'm really sorry for all the trouble that I have given you all this while.
I know that it was really difficult to raise me, especially during my early years.

I love to swim (at d river after raining)
I love to play soccer (during the rain)
I love to play (from after subuh until maghrib)

anyway, thanks again mak and ayah.
thank you zillion times.



Tuesday, April 13, 2010


1. She just fall from my lap to the floor. She had swollen forehead(left) for 2 days and still recovering.

2. Fever and flu is attacking here since last night.

3. I'm yet to finish my assignments...


Thursday, April 08, 2010

sirap bandung

went to Bandung from 4-7 April 2010 with wife's family.
my brother in law just got married mid of March and this trip is a getaway trip after the weds.
it was 7 of us.

me, zuwairi, nubli and abah went for golf 3 days in a row.
and all the ibu2 went for shopping for 3 days in a row.

bandung is located at the high ground area. Its already more than 200 years old city. the traffic was worst (macet banget). but the food was awesome. had the opportunity to taste sup buntut goreng, gulai otak sapi, sambei ijo, daging dengdeng, and others.

and i think it was a wise decision not to bring along lilZ for this trip. If not, I don't think that I'll be able to golfing for 3 days and her ibu doing shopping for those 3 days.

and now, time to pay the credit card..huhuhuhu

Saturday, April 03, 2010


nope..its not SOGO..its SOHO..Small Office Home Office

actually, yesterday I have to take care of my little princess. She was on fever the night before. Therefore yesterday we have decided not to send her to the nursery. My awek could not take leave yesterday due to her workloads. So, next in line was me. Actually, I'm attending a 6 months course on how to be a good karipap maker. The course is in KL and we also been provided with a room.

So, I bring my little princess to my room and put her on the floor (with toto on it). So I let her play with all her toys and everything while I'm doing my assignment. Once a while I'll play with her. Its really such a "burden release" moment when I saw her smiling face.

She's starting to talk (actually start to babbling). Every when and then, she will talk to me or to herself. So, when she start talking, I have to pay attention to her or she will start crying.
She's so cute.

Then this thought came to me... S.O.H.O.
Such a good environment to my kid if I really could apply SOHO.
Work from home. WoW..

But reality is, as a karipap maker, i need to be at the factory. To ensure the smoothness of my job.. I just need to be there..

InsyaAllah, in future I'll be able to make this dream come true..

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

life greater pleasure

I do love to eat. I like to eat any kind of halal food except for the bean sprout. Preferably the Malay’s food such as Nasi beriyani Gam, Nasi Tomato Ayam, Mee Bandung, Mee Rebus and many more.

Before I’ve got married, my weekends were full with the delicious food hunting from the North to the South. Me and my others three colleagues share the same interest. Once we decided to take the old roads from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru to explore the beauty scenery of Malaysia’s village and of course for the food hunting. Before the trip, one of my friends has searched for the potential restaurants or “warung” for us to try. And the trip was a success because we successfully tasted a lot of a delicious food along the journey.

And that was a month before I had an ulcer. The ulcer is really an irritating decease to the human kind. Nothing can be taste without having pain at the tongue. Know I now how lucky I am when my tongue functioning well. And when it’s not, there goes my life greater pleasure.

We normally take thing for granted. Never appreciate thing in front of us until it’s disappear for good. Once it’s gone, we will regret not to appreciate it. Do people on earth always take thing for granted?

In that view, do treasure our life greatest pleasure while it last. If not, we will regret it for our whole life.

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